Product Release
COB 6nch 25W/30W/38W
20w/30w power for high lumen output. specially-designed reflector for better light effeciency. CRI>80, PF>0.90. beam direction adjustable . can be used as flood lighting ( 60D ) and accent lighting ( 25D or 35D ).
New generation downlight package
To better protect our downlight, we have redesign generic downlight package.
COB complete series
5W~12W COB
New 8W/10W A95 Globe bulb release-1
8W/10W Elegant Bulb Dimmable Dimesion:95mm Globle Seeshine Lighting,a leading global LED lighting products manufacturer and supplier,has released the highest lumen for omni-directional as of today
The news letter from Seeshine Lighting Technologies Limited
Seeshine Lighting welcome you to review news letters of our product, project, industry news that we are sharing with our customer group.
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