About Us

What is the difference working with us? Well, we emphasis. on solution that is sustainable and economically sound. Which means that we know that cost is a factor and that the quality of the products that we produce are industry leading technology in luminance (brightness) and quality in manufacturing production.

SeeShine Lighting Technologies Limited, is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong province. Which is the high-tech hub for high-end technological manufacturing in China, and a gateway to international business from the rest of the world to mainland China.

Because of our business and manufacturing location, we have customers from Europe, Asia, North and South America. We're experience in logistic-exportation for volume orders. it also provides our company to be in a position to be innovative and have the right facility and people to produce LED and lighting products.

Of course, having a good product is only as good as the after sales service. For this reason alone, our technical team members are top-notch. Our Company mission is to simply make things easier for our client; providing high-quality products with serious after-sale service!

SeeShine is founded in 2007. It's been around since, and have been constantly creating and providing matured LED technology for lighting industry.

Our products design and quality is a testament to our company expertise. Our customers "repeat-orders" is a sign of SeeShine's integrity and honesty for doing business.

Please contact us for any inquiries about our products and get a first hand experience of our company's commitment to integrity when you order from us!

WIFZIG is our brand