Ever Since 1997, Seeshine has been producing the finest quality the first generation of COBTrack, Accent and Indoor lighting. We are committed to the lighting community and to the global community that we touch. With the developments of new technologies, we will reduce our impact on the environment.


Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE)
WEEE is the European directive on collection, recycling and recovery for all types of electrical goods. All  fixtures sold to Europe have a WEEE registration label. At the end of the fixture’s lifetime, the WEEE number will be used for pickup and disposal of the electrical waste.


Seeshine has a packaging program to reduce overall waste. All boxes are constructed of 37% post consumer content. With our bulk packaging system, there was a reduction of 80% material on fixture packaging and reduction of 50% material on track packaging as well as the reduction of non-degradable materials. In addition, there is an estimated over 20% amount of fuel savings from shipping consolidation.

Pre-Paint Process
Seeshine uses a two stage pre-paint process for all our metal parts. The first stage uses a closed degreasing system which maintains all fluids and vapors within a closed chamber, eliminating any exhaust to the outside environment. The second stage uses a mechanical etching process which has no waste materials associated with it.


Paint Process
The vast majority of Seeshine products are finished using a powder coat paint process. This process meets all EPA requirements, has no emission points, and has the added benefits of allowing us to reclaim powder, thus reducing waste.