LED PAR Light that include the following products:

PAR16 <7W   PAR20 6W~8W    PAR30 10~16W  PAR30 35W   PAR38 15W~18W

ETL approved
PAR20 for Track light.
Driver box material from ordinary metal to aluminum.
For our 4" and 6" panel light we upgraded three CCT in one light with a control switch, which sets luminance or transforms CCT to warm white, nature white or cold white. Even you don't need to stock three kinds of CCT products, it can saves your stock. There is a MP4 video can offer you for reference. The 6" and 8" Round panel light available for : 1.Recess/Surface installation 2. The cutout size of the recessed version can be adjustable by adjusting switch. 3.CCT tunable 3000K-4000K-5000K 4.Microwave sensor optional.