High brightness and original packed LED imported with high stability.

Super CRI and brightness, scientific and high efficiency beam angle.

Alluminium alloys as thorough heat conductive material efficiently low down the operating temperature of the lamp, thus prolong life time of the whole light.

Nice in outlook with nobleness.

TK-85-40W-3WIRE-T TK-85-35W-3WIRE-T TK-85-20W-3WIRE-T
15W,20W COB, 120 degrees beam angle, adopts high-quality die-casted aluminum, The two movable rings can adjust at X and Y direction by ±40 degrees
5W,8W Light source: MCOB, adopts high-quality die-casted aluminum, 44 degrees beam angle, Output light: constant, without glare
Light source MCOB , 26W, 26 degrees beam angle, Widely used for main lighting, applied in shops, hotels, offices, exclusive shops, showrooms and so on.
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