Delivery method

We work with our shipping agent provide our customers shipping and receiving orders prompt at reasonable fees & timely manners.
1.International Express Shipping
UPS,DHL, TNT and FedEx dispatch from Hongkong to all major cities overseas.Usually it takes 3~5 business days. As of the volume of our orders, we have discount rate from our shipping agent. And if you have an account with any of these carriers, we can put the shipping charge directly on your account and there is no shipping charges on the invoices.
2.Air Cargo
If your order weight 100Kg or above, we highly recommend to use Air Cargo. The shipping cost is more favorable than Express but you may need to pick up the goods at your nearby airport and clear customs by yourself. Delivery time is about 3~7 business days. Or we could arrange another landing service to send door to door base on local delivery charge.
Express shipping and Air cargo: Please click the link here to track your parcels:

3.Ship via Sea
It is the most economical way to ship, delivery time varies from 15 to 25 business days. The shipping cost is charged per cubic meter, depends on the season and the seaport that we are shipping to. We recommend you use it when your order weight minimum two cubic meters and you can allow the one month on shipping.
4.Ex Works
This means customer will arrange pick up the delivery after products are ready, our customer indicated the valid courier account number before shipment, and we inform this designated courier to come pick up. Please be aware under this Ex Works term, Seeshine will not take any shipping cost for orders, if customer need us to send it to the designated courier, the necessary local shipping rate will be added.
Sea shipping: Please contact our sales representative for details: