South America

    A succesful deal not only to provide competitive price but also the products that fits in this application.

    We have worked with a few customers from Agentina,Brazil and Mexico,Jamica... or Bahamas.

    They not only want LED that is LED, but LED that looks like it is LED light. They want see the "LEDs" and they like it to be energy saving up to 90%.

    So the spot light that they get is our (Samsung SMD LED 2323).

    5W 300Lm/ 5W 400Lm 6W 560Lm 

    MR11 3W 230Lm  (3Pcs CREE LED)

     Downlight SMD 13W  (950Lm~980Lm)

    Downlight 3*3W/ 4*3W (High power LED source)

    One of the slight disadvanage is it is too far from China, the shipping rate is double priced than ship to North america and the terrifs/ custom is a little tricky.  These would be overcomed by other means of methods.

    Under this page has linked the related product page.

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