Most of all products that are fit our europe customers as of the energy that we are creating. We  value our design same time, would like to keep up with the newest LED Technology.

    To work with them always can bring both inspiration.

    We have done business with Sweden, Swizerland,UK,Italy, Germany, Belgium,Spain,Holland,Austria,Cyprus...etc.

    They want LED to have more modern element, not only a LED but also want more functionable than halogen lamp.

    They want LED that can compete with these giant group that succesfful in Europe: PHILIPS OSRAM;MEGAMAN yet price are less, leadtime shorter.

    They care for the environment, care for the people who use the lights,they care for sustainability, yet less hassle on installation.

    They want LED lighting to be more elegant as it could be.

    Anti-glare,spot light, high CRI; Standard size ambient lighting,dimmable(GU10 spot light, Track light, Mini downlight) is the option for them/retails.

    LED Tube that compatible with magnism ballast; LED Spot light MR16 that works with most all electronic transformer;GU10 works with all dimmers are developed for a easier installation,yet to save cost.

    AC to AC design that similar circut to halogen is the item that we are making to be perfection for this market.

    Gimbal, shop light, drum light, Oyster,2D  lamp are quite good for them.

    Also our commercial LED Tube, 2G11,G24,rigid bars are good for projects.

    Our UK,Ireland,Syprus customer;featured products):

    Our 6inch/8inch/10inch(under development) downlight; 5W 400Lm Candle lamp, Gimbal 6inch lamp, 2D/Oyster Lamp, 2G11 20W/G24 8W

    60by 60CM 30*120CM panel light(Emergency battery back up); Reflector AR111 GX53/GU10 Base dimmable.  36W wall washier; 160W/220W Highbay

    Italy(feature products):

    1W/3W Cabinet downlight; Gimbal downlight, LED highbay, Grill light,


    Strip light;12W Downlight;T8 Tube;3W/4W/5W Candle bulbs


    5W/7W Spot light 7W/10W/12W Downlight that replace 35W/50W/75 W halogen lamp

    Undercabinet lamp; track light 16W/22W/28W/40W


    AC to AC Dimmable Spot light;Other Spot light;LED fitxure...etc


    LED T5/T8 Tube light; E40/E27 Corn bulbs for street light, garden light application

    Cyprus,Greece...etc are to be devoloped.

    Base on all of the understanding, we are hoping to work better with all of my current customers and new customers.

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